Malic Corp. builds relationships by providing the highest quality in every aspect of the project at hand. Through our construction management, general contracting, pre-construction and facilities management teams we will deliver you on-time, satisfactory work.


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Construction Management


Malic Corp. will provide a full-compliment of construction services for your project that include; site-evaluation, logistical planning, estimating,value engineering, pre-purchase & bidding, vendor management, construction services, commissioning and close-out. An assigned dedicated staff of construction professionals will work together with the client to ensure a successful project.

General Contracting


Every client has their own philosophy on how to complete a construction project, in today’s environment many choose the lump sum bid approach. Malic Corp. is willing and capable to bid on any project of any size. Our team of estimators will provide a competitive bid after which our staff of project managers will execute a successful project, all the while providing our client with the same level of service expected from a construction manager.

Pre-Construction Services


As a construction manager Malic Corp. will provide a full-compliment of pre-construction services to its clients:


Site Evaluation and/or  Building Evaluation

Constructibility Analysis

Budgeting & Cost Estimation

Scheduling &/or Logistical Planning

Value Engineering

Pre-Purchasing of Equipment and/or Material


Should you require any combination of these services Malic Corp. can provide them outside any commitment to work on the project as the CM or GC.


Construction & Facilities Management


A unique service offered by Malic Corp. is the ability to assemble a team of construction/facilities management

professionals that will provide project management, construction management, vendor management, business continuity planning,

cost control & risk management services to a client.  Providing an organization with on-site in-depth knowledge and expertise of

the construction and facilities industries will generate cost savings and better working environments.


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